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+ ProMark T-1000 is the latest addition to the ProMark family.

+ The menu of the device is now available in the following languages: Polish, English, German, French, Swedish, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

+ The new printer has all the advantages of previous models, such as: low weight, compact size and built-in internal memory, which allows you to work in the field.

+ The electrical symbols library has been expanded.

+ Templates for each of the profile types that the T-1000 prints onto are stored in the printers menu, which makes it easier to choose an appropriate material and its size. After selecting the marker type, T-1000 automatically sets the text position and adjusts the cutting depth.

+ Easy to use, the high resolution backlit display and simple QWERTY keyboard make it possible to quickly produce additional markers.

+ Advanced projects can be sent to T-1000 from the latest version of our PROMARK CREATOR software, which enables you to "copy and paste" directly from Excel spreadsheets.

+ Another version, the ProMark T-1000C is also available which has a Russian alphabet (Cyrillic) keyboard.
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